Hi there! My name is Gracie and welcome to Freshly Squeezed Print Shop. We are a local Grand Rapids based letterpress print shop with a passion for paper and quality. Our century­ old printing press is used to create custom handmade stationery, business cards, posters, invitations and pretty much any other paper product you can imagine.

We print the old ­fashioned way which is truly a labor of love. Our paper is hand fed, the press is foot treadle operated, and our inks are mixed by hand. Take a step away from the digital for a unique, hand crafted product you can be proud of. This is printing you can feel. Thick paper stock combined with our specialty method of printing leaves behind a physical impression of your design.



And this is Matthew. He’s my husband, assistant, and moral support/ultimate encourager. Everyone needs someone like this in their life. I mean just look at that smile!

He helps with social media and keeps me on my toes. You might not always see him around the shop, but his influence is in everything I do. This thing wouldn’t exist without him.

So feel free to check us out on the blogFacebook, Twitter, and Instagram to see what we’ve been up to lately. Or go to the contact page to send us an email request for pricing or more information.

Thanks for the visit and keep it fresh!



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