Additional Services

Everything at Freshly Squeezed Print Shop is done in house and by hand from start to finish.
In addition to letterpress printing, we also offer the following services:

Custom Platemaking

Back in the day, all printing required the use of custom metal or wood type/blocks. This was a time consuming process that could often get expensive. Thankfully today, all of our custom plates are made in-house using a light sensitive plastic called photopolymer. This is the most efficient and economical way to turn your digital design into a printable product. Plate fees vary based on size and the number of colors.



Whenever a fold is required, we first run the paper through a creasing matrix set up on the press. As opposed to scoring (which can tear the fibers of the paper), this presses the paper into a channel with a thin rule and helps to protect the paper from damage.

Paper Duplexing

Duplexing is when two or more sheets of paper are adhered together to create a new, thicker custom stock. This is ideal for certain two-sided projects, or if you are just looking for something out of the ordinary!

Envelope Printing

Because we print on pre-folded envelopes, the printable area is limited. We recommend printing a return address or design element on the flap.

Die Cutting

Die cutting is perfect for business cards, invitations, coasters, or any other letterpress ideas you might have! Let me know what size and shape you need and I can send you a quote.


We have many packaging options from boxes to bags. Please ask for details!

Edge Painting

Edge painting is exactly what it sounds like! A thin layer of paint is applied to the edge of the paper and is most popular on business cards.Edge Painting is recommended for thicker stocks like our 220# Lettra. The effect is more subtle on thinner stock.The ink used in this process differs from the ink we use on press, therefore an exact match is not possible. We can usually get pretty close, but please ask about our standard edge painting colors.

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