Welcome to the New Website and Letterpress Blog!

June 24, 2014


Welcome to the new website and letterpress blog! Look around. Make yourself at home. Browse. Be nosey.

On the Freshly Squeezed blog, you’ll find product photos, posts about new projects, as well as exposés on different aspects of the letterpress trade.

What do you taste when you drink a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice? You don’t taste spoilage or fermentations. You don’t take in any additives, preservatives or dies. What you get is orange juice. That’s all. That’s all you want. That’s all you expect. That’s why you choose freshly squeezed.

At this letterpress shop, you’ll get exactly that: original, crisp designs, pressed into paper, painted with ink. It’s cast iron guided by an artist. Hand, foot and eye work together until the process is complete. A pedal sets the machine into motion, dial and lever adjust for precision, and one careful eye is on the paper. If this kind of simplicity is what you expect from a print shop, then this is for you.

So thank you for checking out the new site and blog, and hopefully you like what you see! Feel free to use the contact form if you have any questions or seek more information.

Keep it fresh!



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